Chatbot and IVR comparison (Interactive Voice Response) – IVR has reigned in the world of customer service for years.

Today, communication takes place on many digital channels and young people are used to communicating via chat and voice messages.

Why not start building a more effective customer service?

Many people argue that IVR is still needed because they have had a bad experience with the advent of the first chatbots.

In recent years, technology has been making great strides and chatbots are evolving day by day.

However, even at, we believe that the human component cannot be completely replaced yet, which is why we have integrated our chatbots with BLEND-MODE.

HERE’S THE Chatbot and IVR comparison:


In the IVR customers can speak with his voice but must follow a decision tree that will lead him to speak to an operator (if the line does not drop).

CRAFTER.AI, integrates a voice support module to interact with the voice and if the customer needs to talk to a real person, the bot will transfer the conversation to the operator. blend mode module to transfer the conversation to the call center operator


With the IVR, the customers will have to complete the entire process, weakening their UX.

Chatbots answer all repetitive questions instantly, increasing your customers’ UX.

3. Status

A company that uses a chatbot with artificial intelligence will be seen as being in step with technology.


The IVR is hated by many people for the wrong abuse done in recent years, creating frustration for people. Chatbots respond immediately to questions, activating a contract or service at any time.


The IVR is unable to generate accurate personas of your customers. With CRAFTER.AI chatbots you can always analyze the performance of conversations with your customers and call center operators and understand how many conversations, leads and contracts have been managed independently by the bot.


People are sometimes stressed but chatbots never are, they respond to even the most rude person, kindly.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, conversations with chatbots improve day by day, arriving faster and faster at your goal, whether it’s a sale or the acquisition of a new lead.


With our platform, you don’t need to have technicians to get your chatbots up and running. You just need to have the idea to implement, access the platform and put your bot online with one click.