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chatbot sorgenia pre sales use case


Gea is Sorgenia‘s pre-sales virtual assistant: the chatbot responds to 98% of customers‘ requests independently and is capable to execute specific sales objectives

Order management chatbot use case mwfep

MW.FEP – Order Management Chatbot

MW.FEP’s chatbot streamlines the management of B2B orders in the manufacturing industry, providing essential company service information and simplifying the process of finding orders and products.

whatsapp chatbot marketing engagement use case tlc marketing

TLC – Whatsapp Engagement Chatbot Marketing

Frankie is the whatsapp engagement marketing chatbot created with the CRAFTER.AI platform for TLC Marketing Italia.
The chatbot supports the partner engagement strategy and feedback request on the company’s promotional campaigns.

The virtual assistant uses the WhatsApp channel to proactively establish an outbound communication channel with the TLC Marketing partner network.

chatbot sorgenia post sales use case


Not only pre-sales: the Gea virtual assistant supports Sorgenia‘s post-sales service 24/7, providing assistance and facilitating the execution of self-care operations

chatbot adf customer service use case


Flùvia is AdF– Acquedotto del Fiora‘s virtual assistant that supports customer service self-care interactions. The chatbot answers questions about the Company‘s services and provides information on planned maintenance interventions

chatbot use case hello vacanze - Booking and travel quotation chatbot

hello vacanze – travel chatbot

The travel chatbot solution guides customers’ booking process by generating travel quotations and supports customer service by handling a huge number of requests.

help desk service chatbot ekanban use case

E-kanban – Help Desk Chatbot

e-Kanbot is the help desk chatbot that supports the assistance service of the e-Kanban platform: a software for managing accounting and organizational processes. e-Kanbot is a Q&A automation chatbot designed to simplify the access to the platform’s Help Center.

conversational AI for legal services

Lex Lux Law – AI for Legal Services

AI contract is a technological solution that aims to make law services accessible and easy to use. The platform integrates a document composing chatbot to support the drafting of contracts with legal validity. In order to create a contract, users just need to type the contract they need and follow the instructions of the chatbot.

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