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A large number of communication channels are available and young consumers who have reached adulthood have radically changed their expectations of customer care service.

A study by Juniper Research estimates that call center chatbots handled 75-90% of customer inquiries during 2022.

These data highlight, on the one hand, the importance of adapting to the needs of the interlocutors, on the other, of providing a usable and omnichannel user experience.

According to Gartner data, the increased availability of channels does not simplify the service but adds complexity to the user experience.

This is why it is important to focus on reducing the number of calls by implementing a customer care automation strategy with virtual assistants.

Artificial intelligence applied to customer care favors the resolution of the greatest number of critical issues in self-service mode and focuses the attention of telephone operators on managing the most complex problems.

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    What are the benefits of providing
    a customer care service supported by chatbots?

    • Savings in training costs 60% 60%
    • Cutting in development costs 90% 90%
    • Increase in Conversion Rate 23% 23%
    • Increase in productivity 70% 70%


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    Call center automation: how to improve customer service with chatbots

    Personalize the customer journey

    The implementation of an AI customer service chatbot is functional for an optimized user experience.

    Virtual assistants break down language barriers, providing multilingual assistance; they can be integrated into social platforms and instant messaging apps to ensure a seamless experience on each channel; they can recover navigation data and customer history to anticipate user requests.

    Call center agents support

    64% of customer care agents who use chatbots in their work can focus on complexity, rather than quantity.

    The virtual assistants manage the volumes of repetitive requests and in case of need or specific customer request, they scale the second level assistance to the operators through the handover of the conversation.

    In terms of customer experience, this means an interactive experience and an effective service, which is very different from waiting in line to speak with the first available operator.

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    Cost saving

    According to the report Digital customer care in the age of AI, customer care automation helps reduce customer service costs up to 30%.
    Customer service chatbots increase employee productivity and job satisfaction and contribute to reducing the agent turnover rate.

    The optimization of workloads, thanks to the use of AI chatbots for customer care, favors the scalability of the solution and the allocation of resources on multiple projects simultaneously.


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    Automated call center with chatbots

    What are the main application areas
    of conversational bots to customer service?

    24/7 customer support

    24/7 support gives customers flexibility in how and when to engage with your brand. Customer care AI chatbots are the perfect solution to automate the high volumes of inbound requests and to simplify access to information.

    If needed, chatbots can escalate questions to an agent if the customer still wants to talk to someone in more detail.

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    Faster responses

    A report from HubSpot stated that the average call center waiting time is around 13 minutes.

    Chatbots can shorten that time to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

    As a self-care solution, chatbots can save users a lot of time searching for information.

    This helps businesses retain current customers and increase engagement with prospective customers.

    The AI ​​continuously improves by learning from every additional request, thanks to self-learning, which means that the more chatbots interact with users, the more they learn and improve performance.


    Thanks to the ease of integration via API within the most popular social platforms, organizations can use virtual assistants to assist their customers through their favorite channels (Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, Instagram, etc…)

    This means that you can extend your customer care service on any channel available, within your omnichannel strategy.

    Regardless of the channel used, the customer will always have the virtual assistant as the main reference point to get response to every question and if necessary, ask the bot to pass the conversation over to an operator.

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    The analytics dashboard allows you to have a clear view of what is happening in the conversations between customers and virtual assistants.

    By monitoring conversations, management can identify customers’ main requests and needs, as well as, refine the bot’s performance by integrating additional Q&As into the existing knowledge base.

    It is possible to carry out detailed analyses about the different types of conversations or download the transcripts and messages report to analyze with your own business intelligence software.

    On the other hand, you can use analytics to monitor conversations’ handovers to call center agents and measure the chatbot’s KPI to contribute to your agent’s daily activities.

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    Self Customer Care & HANDOVER

    The customer care automation virtual assistant automatically responds to frequent customer requests and, if necessary, scales the more complex cases to the call center operator, through the handover function.
    The virtual agent stays active during the conversation between the customer and the operator and suggests the most appropriate responses in real-time based on the data collected.



    Virtual assistants can be easily integrated via API into ticketing and CRM systems.

    The virtual assistant provides first-level information and assistance, taking charge of the most frequent requests. If the opening of a ticket is necessary, the bot collects the necessary information and automatically creates a ticket. 


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    Thanks to the analysis of functional words, our virtual assistants are able to retrieve a detailed analysis of the interlocutor’s profile and to adapt the language and tone of response messages.

    Within a few turns of conversation, we are able to identify more than 80 psychological traits to tune in and facilitate communication with the user.




    Integrate your ERP, CMS, CRM Systems and much more!

    Our bots can use the API of your systems to access information which can be used in the conversations to better manage communication with users.


    Our bots can speak all of the most common languages.

    Wherever your customer is from, you will always have an answer for them!


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    Make your digital channels smarter and more efficient! Whether a website, a mobile app, Whatsapp, Messenger or Telegram, …

    The artificial intelligence of™, online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can manage your communication for you.


    Analytics are available whenever you need them. You can consult and download the details of the conversations, messages, handovers and leads generated by the bot.



    Chatbots made with™ know when they need human support and when humans need theirs: not only do they understand when a user wants to talk to an operator, but they also suggest the best answer that operators should give to the user, based on his profile and active marketing initiatives… all real time!

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