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Crafter.ai is a No Code Conversational AI platform SaaS – Software as a Service where the code is already integrated to allow anyone to create their own chatbot without the need for technical skills.

We make the best use of NLU and NLP by employing the best framework in terms of pliability and performance, the integration of generative AI to support the chatbot creation process, and psychometric profiling for a personalized interaction.

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Generative AI 

Chatbots created with Crafter.ai “think” before responding. We use and integrate LLM (Large Language Models) with a focus on risk management for our clients.

why crafter.ai?

Points of strength

Ease of use

Crafter.ai is a Conversational AI No Code platform, where code is already built in, to allow users of any level of expertise to create and deploy  their own chatbot, in an extremely simple way.

Generative AI

We integrate Large Language Models into a supervised environment to ensure risk-free interactions for our clients and simplify the chatbot creation process.

RASA Framework

We use the Rasa framework that allows us the maximum pliability to be able to enrich the platform with new features and ensure the best performance.

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We use psychometric profiling based on “function words” to foster personalized, bias-free interactions based on the user’s key character traits.


We follow best practices for security management. We are GDPR compliant and all our servers are located in the European Union.

ease of use and technology

la tecnologia crafterai

Crafter.ai is based on an innovative brick (module) architecture that let users autonomously select and add features and capabilities to their chatbot and customize the conversational flow, on the basis of a specific business domain.

The user-friendly interface allows for an autonomous integration of the chatbot’s knowledge base, taking advantage of generative AI support in the activity of suggesting and creating Q&As and utterances.

Chatbots created with Crafter.ai are based on a hybrid model, combining the use of rule-based models with machine learning and generative AI.

Hybrid models allow the most appropriate technology to be used depending on the situation,in order to to adapt to the user’s needs and optimize understanding and responsiveness.

la tecnologia crafterai

platform overview

how does it work?

How do we use generative AI

Chatbot Platform Crafterai Generative AI

Nowadays the use of Large Language Models is common.

However, it is advisable to set up a supervised environment to prevent the possible risks of generative AI, like improper handling of information or the possibility that the chatbot may return a wrong answer.

The integration of generative AI, also supports the knowledge base creation phase by obtaining Q&A and utterance suggestions, starting from a prompting text.

In this way, we help users to perimeter the response boundary of their chatbot according to specific needs and be sure to deploy chatbots that can handle information correctly, integrating with all processes within their organization.

Chatbot Platform Crafterai Generative AI

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Rasa framework

chatbot crafterai framework rasa

Crafter.ai platform employs the framework RASA  in order to speed up and simplify the creation of chatbots.

In this way, anyone is able to create advanced chatbots even without a dedicated team of data scientists and the necessary infrastructure.

Specifically, Rasa is the best framework available on the market and enables the creation of “level 3” chatbots that can understand context and handle unexpected requests.

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psychometric profiling

profilazione psicometrica chatbot

Crafter.ai does not use cookies to profile the user.

Our psychometric profiling technology is based on “function words” (e.g. articles, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions) to favor personalized and bias-free interactions, based on the main character traits of the user.

Function words are the words that give grammatical structure to the sentence, without having anything to do with the content, returning a result without bias.

We guarantee real-time and highly reliable detection, in suggesting behavior predictions and the “next best action” to be performed within the conversation.

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security and data

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We follow the best practices for security management.

We have passed the security checklists of some of our most demanding clients operating in Healthcare and Finance.

We are GDPR compliant and all our servers are located in the European Union.

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