The latest features released on the platform

Here are the latest features released on the platform to continuously optimize the experience of creating and managing your chatbots.

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December 2023

chatbot automatic misses recalc

Automatic Misses Recalc

The Automatic Misses Recalc feature is designed to simplify the chatbot improvement.
After handling a miss, the system checks whether there are still untreated misses.
If the bot can handle them, they are removed from the list of misses to deal with.


The process reduces maintenance times and risks of errors, such as assigning the same utterance to different intents, ensuring a more efficient and accurate experience for our customers.

December 2023

flow designer slot chatbot coding

Flow designer slot manipulation

The Flow Designer Slot Manipulation feature allows users to apply lines of code to the values contained in filled slots during a conversation.


Greater flexibility and customization: users can customize their chatbots more flexibly and comprehensively. For example, you can convert data into different formats, perform calculations, or apply logical rules.

Improved Efficiency: helps users build more efficient chatbots by allowing them to perform complex calculations or manipulate data obtained from API calls directly from filled slots.

Better user experience: allows you to create chatbots that offer a more satisfying user experience by formatting data in a more intuitive way.

October 2023

chatbot Knowledge base factory


The Knowledge Base Factory is an innovative tool that completely automates the process of creating questions and answers for chatbots.


Reduce costs and development time: automate the process of creating questions and answers, significantly reducing the time and resources needed to develop a chatbot. This means significant savings for companies with limited budgets.

Guarantee of accuracy and updating: the questions and answers are always up to date and precise, since they are based on the content provided by the customer. This ensures a high-quality and reliable customer service experience.

In summary, the knowledge base factory allows you to create a chatbot that can answer a wide range of user questions, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the workload on traditional support channels.

October 2023

chatbot platform billing logic

Billing logic

The billing logic function is designed to allow our customers to purchase credits based on their needs.
This avoids paying for unused features and provides flexibility in using the OpenAI and PortrAIt APIs for building custom chatbots.


Cost Control:
 the customer can purchase credits based on their needs, avoiding paying for features they don’t use.

Flexibility: the customer can use OpenAI and PortrAIt APIs flexibly, to create custom chatbots.

Scalability: the customer can increase or decrease the amount of credits purchased according to their needs, in order to guarantee the scalability of the chatbot.

September 2023

Perché usiamo le API di Google per lo Speech-to-Text

Flow designer API Integration

The API Integration function allows the chatbot to integrate with external API services, expanding its functionality and improving interaction with users.


Expansion of functionality: allows the chatbot to interact with external services such as e-commerce, CRM or marketing platforms, offering users a more interactive experience.

Personalization of responses: by reusing data from API calls, the chatbot can provide personalized responses to users, based on their preferences, their location or their purchase history.

Simplify chatbot creation and management: by automating repetitive tasks, the feature simplifies the creation of complex chatbots.

August 2023

Esempio flow designer linking

Flow designer flows-linking

The Flow Linking function allows you to link conversation flows together


Improved user experience: the feature allows you to manage longer and more complex conversations, increasing usability and user interest and improving the overall experience.

Increase productivity: simplify the process of building chatbots, reducing the time needed to develop complex functionality.

Flexibility: offers greater flexibility in the chatbot creation process, allowing developers to customize flow links based on specific project needs.