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Follow our wizard to create your chatbot in just 6 steps

time line 2 chatbot wizard


Which problem will your chatbot solve?

step 1 how to prepare a chatbot

Select from our library what your chatbot should do.

Write the questions to be answered.

step 1 chatbot settings
step 2 chatbot survey


Get started with your business idea right now

step 2 how to set up chatbot survey

Our platform is designed for managers.

No code or conversation flows, just natural language.

Creating a chatbot has never been easier.




step 3 How to improve a chatbot

The improve functionality allows you to integrate the bot’s knowledge base with additional Q&As and automatically add missed messages to existing intents or Q&As.

step 3 chatbot improving
step 4 chatbot training


Start machine learning algorithms

step 4 how to train a chatbot

You don’t need to know artificial intelligence concepts.
With just one click, our platform will prepare your chatbot for you.


Check your work and change the graphics

step 5 how to make a chatbot test

Change the graphics of your bot and make it homogeneous with your company guidelines.

Make sure the interaction with your bot is working properly and that everything is going according to the plan.

step 5 chatbot test
step 6 chatbot deploy


Put your chatbot into production

step 6 how to do a chatbot deploy

The first time you create a bot with you will have to insert a simple line of code into your project.

Later, simply click on the “update” button.

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Request a demo

We will contact you just to schedule your demo day.

Do you need more?


You can integrate your ERP, CMS, CRM systems and much more.

Our bots can use the API of your systems (Sap, Microsoft Dinamycs,, etc…) to obtain the information useful to manage the conversation with your customers in the best way.

custom bot

Our platform contains a number of brains (brains or features) to automate your business processes.

Contact us if you need a custom brain for your specific business domain.


CRAFTER.AI™ Conversational AI agents can speak any language.

Contact us if you need your virtual agent to interact in a specific language.