your chatbot’s ANALYTICS to help you shape 
the future of your company


Analytics help you get a clear understanding of what happens in the conversations between customers, chatbots and call center operators.

Clear data to analyze conversations

Knowing the questions that interest your customers will help you serve them better.

Manage your resources in a better way.

Let your call center handle just the most critical calls while your bot takes care of all the repetitive conversations.

Our bots are able to acquire leads and close contracts independently.

Leverage analytics to discover new ideas for engagement.

virtual agents analytics

Your command center to improve the performance of your call center operators and your marketing initiatives

make decisions based on real data

Understand how a campaign is doing, what are the most successful promotions, what is the workload of your resources, understand the greatest concerns of your customers and analyze the performance of the operators and of the chatbots.

know your customers, their habits and level of satisfaction

Your chatbot will be able to report the most important kpi such as:

1. Contracts closed by the bot

2. Number of leads generated

3. Better conversation flow for selling

4. Reactive and proactive bot conversations

5. Real Operator Performance

6. Problems of understanding

7. Abandoned conversations

and more…

List of all chatbot transcripts
Transcript chatbot detail

Get all the details on your clients’ conversations

Use our analytics for a detailed analysis on each conversation or download your data to analyze them with your favorite BI software.

how many customers did you get thanks to the lead generation module?

Get into the conversation between your customers and find out what was the key elements that led to a new lead.

Then create a new sales goal based on what you’ve discovered.

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Do you need more?


You can integrate your ERP, CMS, CRM systems and much more.

Our bots can use the API of your systems (Sap, Microsoft Dinamycs,, etc…) to obtain the information useful to manage the conversation with your customers in the best way.

custom bot

Our platform contains a number of brains (brains or features) to automate your business processes.

Contact us if you need a custom brain for your specific business domain.


CRAFTER.AI™ Conversational AI agents can speak any language.

Contact us if you need your virtual agent to interact in a specific language.