Artificial intelligence in Europe is growing: the European technology landscape is rapidly transforming thanks to the explosion of AI solutions.

In Italy and the rest of the continent, AI is becoming a key tool for business innovation and competitiveness.

In 2023, Italy recorded an extraordinary growth of 52% compared to the previous year. Artificial intelligence in Europe sees a third of organizations embracing this technology, with a growth of 32% from 2022.

According to the Amazon Web Service report “The perspectives of 30,000 European citizens and businesses on our digital future“, if the rate of AI adoption were to remain constant until 2030, it could generate an added value of 600 billion euros, bringing the European GDP from 2.8 to 3.4 trillion euros.

A push towards innovation

This data is the result of a large survey of 6,000 citizens and 14,000 companies in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The push towards digital innovation is also evident in the numbers.
The average increase in spending on digital technologies by businesses stands at 21%, while in 2023, 33% of companies have adopted AI, compared to 25% in 2020.
These data demonstrate the growing recognition of digital technologies as essential elements for the development and competitiveness of the artificial intelligence in Europe.

According to Deloitte data, recently presented on the occasion of AI Week 2024, the Generative AI segment, in particular, is positioned as a technology capable of increasing organizational productivity to support the general economic growth and GDP of European countries.

It is estimated that the demographic decline in Italy is destined to generate a workforce shortage of 5.6 million units and a simultaneous collapse in GDP of -32% by 2070.

Generative AI in the market of artificial intelligence in Europe is considered an opportunity to leverage to address this challenge.
In fact, GenAI is expected to increase the productivity and efficiency of organizations, helping to reduce the jobs deficit by 3.8 million within the same period.

The photograph of the artificial intelligence in Europe captured by Deloitte sees 75% of European companies considering generative AI an important means for achieving business strategy.
54% of Italian companies agree with this line, however, only 1 in 10 companies has already integrated generative AI into their business strategy.

Athics aims at the market of artificial intelligence in Europe

Athics international strategy is supported by the “Call for support for internationalization projects of SMEs, Consortia and aggregations of SMEs – 2023“, announced by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The project aims to encourage the export and scale up of companies, also encouraging digital export and multi-channel.

Athics’ goal is to focus on Europe, with particular attention to countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

According to Straits Research the chatbot and virtual assistant segment on the AI market Europe is estimated to reach 245 billion dollars by 2030, with a growth rate of 38.7%.

This is mainly due to the growing attention of European companies to improving relationships with customers to encourage customer loyalty.

As part of the positioning strategy on the AI ​​market in Europe, Athics has already started promoting its international presence during 2023 by participating in important events such as the World Artificial Intelligence Festival in Cannes 2023, the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023 in London, the AI ​​Tech Summit London 2023.

2024 events include:

  • Web Marketing Festival – We Make Future – Bologna Fiere – June 13-14-15th 2024


“With targeted investments and a solid internationalization strategy, Athics is preparing to consolidate its presence in the AI ​​market in Europe, with the aim of contributing to the innovation and growth of businesses on the continent. The events we attended generated interest and promising leads, paving the way for new business opportunities for Athics in the European market. We are certain to continue in this direction also thanks to the continuous evolution of our solutions”.

Paolo Massarani – Managing Director Athics