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MW.FEP‘s digital assistant supports the automatic process management of B2B orders in the manufacturing sector: it provides general information on the company’s services and facilitates the search for orders and products.

order management chatbot use case


order management chatbot scenario mwfep

MW.FEP is an Italian company specializing in the supply of design solutions and services, PCB design, simulation and production of electronic boards and devices for industrial use.

In order to combine the quality of its services and the need to optimize the B2B order management process with the most recent innovative technologies MW.FEP has entrusted Athics with the development of a virtual assistant capable of returning information on orders or on the status of the productions of each single customer, in a punctual and fast manner.

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“The innovation entrusted to Athics, with the development of a virtual assistant, allows us to guarantee a rapid and qualified flow of information transfer, give precise answers that enhance the experience of our customers and draw on conversation analytics data, that we can use to improve our services”.

Alberto Maggi

Chief Operating Officer, MW.FEP

The solution

order management chatbot use case chat mwfep

The order management manufacturing chatbot integrated within the home page of the MW.FEP website provides general information on the company’s services.

For customers who log in to the private area, the virtual assistant facilitates the search for orders and products, providing details on the completion percentage, any missing components and the expected delivery date.

order management chatbot use case chat mwfep

order management use case

Chatbot for B2B manufacturing

Order management chatbot


Process optimization

The support of the virtual assistant helps to streamline and optimize the order management process and processing times.

Customer satisfaction

The virtual assistant makes it easier for customers to access information 24/7 in self-care mode.


The analytics deriving from interactions with the chatbot make it possible to collect and monitor data on orders and sales trends.




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