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The travel chatbot solution created for Hello Vacanze online travel agency, guides customers’ booking process by generating travel quotations and supports the customer service by handling the huge number of requests.

The bot is integrated within the destination portal, owned by the Company.

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Hello Vacanze is an online travel agency specialized in the seaside destinations’ market, born from the decades of experience of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, which operates in the individual travel segment with accommodation facilities, such as Hotels, Residences, Apartments, Villages and Campsites of various Italian Tour Operators.

Aiming to offer an additional service to its customers, as well as, a tool to improve contact center operations, Hello Vacanze has chosen conversational AI platform for the development and integration of a virtual assistant, integrated on the website.

scenario booking chatbot use case hello vacanze

“We are very satisfied with the performance of the solution which allows us to optimize our level of service, by promoting autonomous access to our booking service, on one hand, and by handling requests that require intervention of our operators, on the other. The Athics’ team is attentive to our needs and extremely helpful”

Valeria Tirabasso

Head of back office and human resources, Hello Vacanze

Quotes automation with travel chatbot

travel booking chatbot use case hello Vacanze

Quotes’ automation with a travel chatbot supports the customer journey and the company’s customer care service in managing travel booking requests.

The customer who needs a quote is guided by the virtual assistant along the process of collecting the necessary information, such as: selection of the destination, indication of arrival and departure dates, number of adults and children, age of children, type of structure, treatment, etc.

At the end of the path, the user is directed to the page containing the estimate and payment information.

At any time, it is possible to request the intervention of an operator in live chat to take charge of the conversation.

travel booking chatbot use case hello Vacanze

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Service optimization

Hello Vacanze’s virtual assistant supports the customer service activity in managing conversations autonomously and transferring to operators only 9% of handovers’ requests.

Conversion rate

The chatbot managed 30,828 live interactions (conversations with messages), generating a conversion rate of 65%.


Access to conversation analytics and feedback data collected by the bot allows the Hello Vacanze team to fine-tune the level of service and performance of the virtual assistant on a daily basis.




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