Customer engagement with chatbots – Customer expectations are growing while artificial intelligence and conversational AI are changing communication between customers and brands. This is why it is important to proactively engage customers and prospects.

customer engagement with chatbots

How do conversational AI agents increase customer engagement in marketing and communication with users?

  1. Know your customers better: Conversational AI helps companies to get to know their customers better, in terms of needs or preferences, thanks to the ability to keep profile information in memory. According to Hubspot research, 33% of customers would prefer not to repeat information already shared.
    In addition to providing immediate answers, conversational AI agents provide customized response.

    2. Omni-channel support: According to Forbes data, 71% of customers expect the same level of experience across all contact channels. Chatbots for marketing can be integrated on web pages and applications, but also within social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. In case of authenticated customers, virtual agents, for example, allow you to start the conversation on one channel and continue on another.

    3. 24/7 resolution speed: another Hubspot research finds that 82% of customers expect response speed. Conversational AI agents are operational 24/7 and, in case of need, they transfer the conversation (handover functionality) to a live agent or collect the customer’s contact information (lead generation).

    4. Personalization: A Salesforce study finds that 52% of customers expect personalized communication. The ability to remember names, preferences, dates, previous orders represents an added value for marketing. Brands can use conversational AI to engage customers in conversations to better understand their requests, preferences, but also the weaknesses of their offer.

    5. Self-service: The ability to find information and resolve critical issues independently helps in the customer engagement strategy. During the “live” interaction, virtual assistants can collect information about the customer and communicate new offers and promotions, or make proactive proposals aimed at solving any problems. In this case, the chatbot can also transfer the conversation to the operator.

Customer engagement with chatbots – Conversational AI is the technology that allows companies to establish a real dialogue with their customers. Furthermore, thanks to the proactive engagement of virtual assistants, companies collect valuable information on the customer experience and guide the customer journey by offering content in line with expectations.

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