Conversational AI marketing – Marketing strategies have changed drastically in recent years: thanks to the evolution of technologies, but also following the change in consumer preferences towards direct access channels and participatory models.

Conversational AI allows companies to establish a real dialogue with their customers, thanks to the implementation of virtual assistants that respond in real time to user requests and engage them through their favorite channels, implementing Conversational AI marketing strategies.

According to Gartner in the course of 2021 more than 50% of companies have invested in conversational AI solutions, exceeding investments in mobile applications.
Furthermore, 70% of customer interactions will take place through AI and machine learning technologies by 2022.

However, many brands continue to adopt a one-to-many approach and one-way communication rather than opening a two-way dialogue with their customers.

According to Omnisend’s BFCM 2020 report, on the use of text messages, e-mails and push marketing, the conversion rate of SMS marketing campaigns during Black Friday 2020 was 3.5%. We can therefore think that 96.5% of customers who did not respond would have perhaps wanted more information before proceeding with the purchase. What happens if the product is not the right one and the customer wants to explore alternative options in a one way communication?

In addition, mobile purchases will grow by 68% over the course of 2022: the rise of mobile commerce is nothing new, but this trend increases the need of a real time response during virtual purchasing process.

For these reasons, marketing can no longer limit itself to talking to customers, but is called upon to open a dialogue through a conversational marketing strategy, where understanding and response times are optimized thanks to conversational AI.

For example, considering that the opening rate of an SMS is 98% and 90% of messages are read in 3 seconds, let’s think about the potential of a strategy that combines conversational marketing with an SMS marketing campaign.

Conversational AI Marketing for a personalized user experience

Conversational AI marketing – Adopting personalization strategies means treating your customers as individuals. Creating a two-way conversation with real-time interactions on the channels that users prefer, means listening to their specific needs and incorporating them into the sales process.

Conversational marketing gives companies the opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects in a personalized way, allowing the customer to deepen all stages of the purchasing process, requesting and receiving the information they need.

Conversational marketing allows companies to provide customers with a personalized and tailored experience as well as increasing the conversion rate of marketing campaigns.

Giving customers the chance to ask questions is the first step towards a successful conversational marketing strategy, and companies that understand its value are in a position to increase customer retention and reduce churn, thereby increasing conversion rate.


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