How to help a customer with little conversational traffic to invest in a chatbot – If you are a big company, with a lot of resources invested in handling customer support or pre-sale support via a contact center, it is quite easy to grasp the advantages offered by a chatbot is quite easy (link to bot benefits).

But, if your company, despite being big, has never succeeded in building a strong traffic for their website or is a small company, maybe a start-up, you will then probably struggle understanding most of the benefits a chatbot can offer.

Costs of a chatbot

This is due mainly to the fact that a per contact cost (obtained by dividing the chatbot cost by the number of expected conversations it will handle) is going to drop only after a quite long period of time.

The initial investment compared with the little number of managed conversations can make the bot look like a really expensive toy.

Truth is if you plan to reach your traffic goal and increase the number of interactions your company will have on the net with potential customers you should prepare to handle such traffic with the right tools.

How to help a customer to invest in a chatbot

This is why, at Athics, we offer monthly renewable subscriptions. A monthly fee helps diluting your investment over a longer period of time with the option of suspending your subscription if you are unable to reach the desired conversational traffic level.

Beware of chatbots that use billing based on the number of conversations

As a side tip, try to avoid chatbots that are billed based on the number of the handled conversations as it is pretty easy to build a bot that engages with your chatbot to make it “consume” all its max conversation allowance in a really short period of time.