Chat GPT – 3 and No Code AI – In less than a week after launch, Chat GPT-3 reached 1 million users and filled the social feeds of thousands of users, thrilled by the exceptional capabilities of answering the most disparate questions and by the bot’s ability to generate text content, such as short articles, stories, games, songs, programming code, and much more.

The common feeling of AI insiders and non-insiders is that we are facing a tool that will change the way we obtain information and generate content.


Chatbot GPT-3 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine learning platform developed by OpenAI. GPT-3 is a ‘generative’ chatbot able to generate answers and content autonomously and naturally. It is based on an advanced neural network that uses Transformer technology to learn from the context and data provided (Prompt Engineering) and offer personalized answers.
The presence of GPT-3 has created awareness among organizations and users and greatly increased the capabilities of conversational AI, helping to expand the usage scenarios of this technology.


We asked the question to Chat GPT, which replied as follows:

ChatGPT-3 is a language model trained using a technology called Transformer, developed by OpenAI.
ChatGPT-3 has been trained on a wide range of internet text and has the ability to generate text independently, answer questions and understand the context of a conversation”.

An AI-powered chatbot, on the other hand, is a program designed to mimic a human conversation. May be based on a variety of technologies, including natural language recognition, natural language processing, and context understanding”.

Unlike ChatGPT-3, an AI chatbot can be programmed to perform specific actions, such as processing an order or solving a problem. Both models are used to generate text and answer questions, but they can be used differently and can have different levels of functionality and accuracy“.

Chat GPT-3 and virtual assistants ARE COMPLEMENTARY TECHNOLOGIES

PLEASE NOTE: Chat GPT 3 is not an alternative to Conversational AI platforms

The Chat GPT-3 language model can be integrated into virtual assistants to exceptionally increase their processing capabilities and linguistic understanding to the benefit of the user experience.

However, this is not a “plug and play” tool.

The development of a conversational AI project within an organization involves specialized resources such as data scientists and prompt engineers, who are able to integrate the functions of an advanced linguistic model such as Chat GPT-3 within virtual assistants.

In a nutshell, if you have the raw material you need to hire a good craftsman to work it 🙂

Conversational AI platforms, such as, allow you to create virtual assistants capable of interacting through natural language conversations and completing specific tasks, retrieving data and information across multiple systems.

Chat GPT-3 is advantageous when it comes to responding with pre-trained knowledge, but for completing more complex tasks (such as: placing and processing orders, checking order status and delivery, reporting anomalies, booking an appointment etc .) most customers will need to interact with the virtual agent and integrate it within their back-end systems.

However, GPT-3 Chat can help increase the capabilities of conversational AI platforms and accelerate bot development.

The GPT-3 Chat language models, for example, can be integrated into Conversational No Code AI platforms, such as, adding new features to the simplicity of creating and putting into production a virtual assistant.

For example:

  • automatic extraction of FAQs from documents and automatic generation of answers, 
  • automatic identification of conversational intents without the need for manual integrations, 
  • generation of sample conversations between the bot and a user to speed up learning the chatbot,
  • integration as a chit-chat module for more fluid and performing conversations.

In conclusion, GPT-3 greatly increases the capabilities of conversational AI, paving the way for new usage scenarios and possibilities. In particular, the combination of the features of GPT-3 Chat with the advantages of No code AI can generate truly amazing results.