Customer experience with AI – Customer centricity, sustainability, automation and innovation: these are the trends that will shape the customer care strategy of companies that want to compete on the market in 2022.

These trends are further accelerated by investments in AI technologies as a competitive differentiation and innovation element.

As stated in the CX Network “Global State of Customer Experience 2021” report, “customer centricity” is confirmed as the dominant trend in 2022, suggesting companies to focus their efforts not only on the acquisition of new customers, but also on strategies of “customer retention”.

To do this, it is essential not only to respond to customers’ needs, but to take into consideration what it is important to customers, in order to design an “AI Customer Journey”, based on feedback and data analytics.

In this scenario, it is necessary to reinvent the customer experience, thanks to new technologies that make it possible to respond promptly to customer requests and to detect priorities and needs.

Customer experience with AI : listening to customers with artificial intelligence

Customers expect immediate gratification and assistance as part of a multi-channel strategy, where each touchpoint represents a listening point for customer needs.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of capturing and analyzing the behavioral and emotional signals of their customers, in order to convert them into personalized user experiences.

In parallel, the growth of interactions on digital channels suggests the importance of solutions and skills based on artificial intelligence to design a customer experience with AI.

Customer Experience professionals are increasingly focusing on solutions such as Conversational AI to provide a 24/7 self-service customer service through intelligent chatbots, which allow them to optimize, in parallel, the workloads of operators.

For example, the automation of redundant conversations saves customer’s waiting time at phone, increases company’s productivity and improves people’s work experience.

artificial intelligence to compete in the market.

Artificial intelligence is considered an essential competitive element in the customer care service.

Organizations that are not planning to integrate AI into routine processes and tasks will soon struggle to compete in the market.

In customer care field, in particular, ignoring the opportunities offered by automation will lead to the inefficiency of processes and a reduction in the productivity of agents, with a consequent negative impact on customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell, organizations are called upon to implement AI solutions to avoid being left behind in the digital acceleration process.


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