AI predictions 2022 – Forrester Research’s 2022 Forecast Report explores the dynamics and trends that will impact the business next year.

Companies that want to compete in the new market changed by the Covid 19 pandemic must be bold and definitively abandon the old way of working.

Forecasts for the near future require companies to be agile, creative and resilient. Decision makers are called upon to invest in technology and the adoption of AI and technological spending will have a consequent acceleration.

Forrester studies report that more than half of US and European consumers have changed the way they buy products and services due to the pandemic.

For example, in the United States, people interested in a medical consultation via video chat have increased by 66% since 2019.

ai predictions 2022: the “new normal”

AI predictions 2022 – According to Forrester in the definition of “new normal” the emphasis must be on the “new”.

Brands that are committed to the transition to the “new normal” are those that analyze customer research and needs to assess which services to maintain, adapt or eliminate.

B2C marketing will largely be responsible for the Customer Experience: companies are called upon to accelerate the digitization of the purchasing process on digital channels, marketplaces and social media platforms, to meet the needs of 35% of customers who have a “full digital” behavior.

European companies will invest up to 3.3 billion euros in automation, aiming to increase productivity.

For example, in 2020 1.88 billion euros have been invested in artificial intelligence technologies such as conversational intelligence solutions (virtual agents), robotic process automation, AI-based text analysis.

Forrester predicts that AI will play an increasingly important role in generating business results.


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