No code AI for business – Companies that plan to implement artificial intelligence solutions often find themselves facing difficulties due to a lack of skills and high development costs.

A Deloitte study dating back to 2017, reported the difficulties of artificial intelligence implementations experienced by 47% of the companies interviewed, 40% of which are due to high costs and 37% are due to the lack of internal skills .

Within a few years it has become possible to implement AI projects without having to bear the cost of developing custom software or hire specialized resources, thanks to “no code AI” platforms.

what is No Code AI

“No Code AI” platforms allow organizations to implement artificial intelligence or conversational AI projects through platforms where the code is already integrated and allow the creation of customizable solutions, that can be integrated into multiple channels.

The goal of “No code AI” is to bring technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, within everyone’s reach, making them accessible to organizations of all sizes and non-technical professional profiles.

From 2017 to date, the use of AI has in fact grown by 270%; however only 37% of the companies interviewed by Deloitte have in the meantime adopted AI internally and in the case of companies with less than 1000 employees, this figure drops to 29%.

No-code AI for business: benefits

1.Easy integration: using platforms with integrable modules allows you to adapt to every business need and implement scalable projects. The solutions can be tailored to each specific need.

2. Speed ​​up processes: artificial intelligence allows you to automate repetitive processes and complete tasks quickly, increasing productivity in the workplace by 54%.

3. Cost reduction: compared to the implementation of custom solutions, AI no code platforms cut off development costs.

4. Enhance business intelligence solutions: AI solutions collect and provide insights, that are functional to companies’ decision-making processes and can be imported in internal business intelligence systems.

Thanks to no code AI, it is possible to automate processes, facilitate decision making and data analysis, optimize the redemption of marketing campaigns, increase the conversion rate, maximize the user experience of users and customer service…and much more.

crafter.AI is the conversational AI – no code platform for virtual agents creation and deployment, that reach over 98% of conversations’ understanding. 

Using natural language, through chat or voice commands, it is possible to automate interactions with end customers and reduce the workload of customer care and helpdesk operators; also it is possible to optimize pre-sales and post-sales processes and increase the redemption of marketing campaigns, as well as, companies’ internal interactions: for example, querying supply chain and order management systems in operations and logistics field, or employing conversational AI agents in HR candidate screening procedures or conducting internal sentiment analysis….

Another advantage of no code AI platforms is the possibility of multi-channel integrations via API, that let the bot interact with corporates’ internal management systems, as well as social media platforms.

select the best platform for a conversational ai project

Before proceeding with any Conversational AI project, it is necessary to analyze your needs and processes, based on the traffic on your online channels and the volumes of requests to handle, as well as your brand image and innovation strategies.

Secondly, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​what the bot must be able to do: Q&A management, lead generation, up-selling and cross-selling, help in filling out a form or contract, live engagement, monitoring of marketing campaigns’ landing pages… are just a few examples.

Third point: Where should we attest the bot? Which systems (CRM, e-commerce platforms, social media etc.) should the bot be integrated into?

Answering these simple questions will make it easy to choose the “no code AI” platform that best suits your needs, paying particular attention to features such as: use of machine learning, context management skills, performance and results on actual use cases and projects already in production with other customers, data security and GDPR compliance and last but not least, pricing model and usage limits in the number of messages and users’ access to the platform.

That’s all? Yes, that’s all, because thanks to No Code AI platforms, you just have to put your solution in production following a few simple and quick steps!


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