AI business solutions market – Artificial Intelligence market is wide and aiming to keep the pace of the exponential growth registered from 2016, and according to will reach almost 90 millions dollars in investments in 2025.


AI potential value in business in 19 different industries is represented in the following chart from McKinsey Global Institute:

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

The “Y” axis represents AI impact on specific industries in billions of dollars; the “X” axis represents AI effects as a percentage of the total impact derived from analytical techniques, such as statistical algorithms and machine learning algorithms.

On one hand, a wide range of industries can expect a massive growth in value, in terms of products and services, invoice, cost savings and customer surplus. On the other hand, the chart shows Deep Learning capabilities in improving processes that involve analytics techniques, that add value to business and organizations.

In particular, McKinsey Global Institute considers 5 macro categories of AI solutions: computer vision, NLP – Natural Language Processing, virtual assistants, RPA – robotic process automation and advanced machine learning.

ai business solutions market: don’t be late!

AI business solutions market – According to McKinsey, by 2030 70% of companies will have adopted at least one AI technology, but less than half will have employed all 5 AI solutions.

Laggars will experience difficulties in benefiting of AI impact and scarcity in terms of skills and talents, because front-runnes will have already captured AI market opportunities.

AI has the potential to create global economic opportunities for 13 trillions of dollars by 2030 and about 16 percent higher cumulative GDP compared with today.

Growth size and AI impact size may be influenced by micro variables such as the pace of adoption of AI and macro variables such as global connectivity and labor market structure of single Countries worldwide. 

What about you? How fast are you going?


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