Conversational AI for business – According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers’ research, 86% of corporates are considering AI as an integrant part of their organization in 2021.

Artificial intelligence is placed at the first place by 72% of Chief Information Officers in their technology Top list:

PWC shows that 33% of organizations have already begun implementing limited AI use cases, 25% have processes fully powered by AI, 21% have started with proof of concepts and are planning to scale,14% have tested proof of concepts with little success, while only 7% is not using AI, but looking into it.

On the other hand, customers expectations in terms of corporates’ instant response times are growing: according to Timetrade, long waiting times may result in loosing almost 75% of current customers!

Considering this, the potential of Conversational AI agents is clear in terms of instant response times and availability of service around the clock.

Conversational AI agents are appreciated from customers (56% of users declare to prefer to interact with a chatbot instead of a traditional call center service) and can reduce operational costs up to 30%, saving up both times and resources.

According to Gartner, Conversational AI market will reach a value of 22,6 billions dollars by 2024.

“Conversational AI is a programmatic and intelligent way of offering a conversational experience to mimic conversations with real people, through digital and telecommunication technologies”


conversational ai for business: benefits

With Conversational AI organizations can offer their customers customized experiences and build one to one relationships, simulating human conversations, based on context understanding and previous interactions’ information, instant response times and 24/7 service availability to maximize customers’ satisfaction.

main benefits

Conversion Rate increase

Conversational AI increase customers’ conversion rate.
Conversational AI agents provide easy access to information and assist customers in the entire sales cycle; present customized offers based on real interests and close contracts in full autonomy.

churn rate reduction

Chatbots are always available to support customers and solve issues anytime, increasing customer satisfaction.

In parallel, bots provide agents with data about customers’ sentiment and an overview of customers interactions and interests. This allows to increase the Net Promoter Score (index of the quality of business-customers relationship) and reduce customers’ churn rate.

increase of customer roi

Conversational AI solutions have a short payback time, thanks to the low integration costs and high ROI potential.

Also, the chatbot knowledge base grows together with customers’ interactions, realizing continuous improvement and cost efficience, increasing customers’ ROI.

augmented employee satisfaction

While the bot takes care of recurring tasks, agents have more time to dedicate to sales and strategy activities.
Conversational AI agents are scalable solutions, that allow to handle many requests at a time. This means that operators may benefit of workload optimizations and reduction of requests’ volumes.
Furthermore, conversational AI agents support operators’ job suggesting the best answers to give to customers, automatically generate leads and collect customers’ data.

Conversational AI global business value annual growth is extimated around an average of 30% and the benefits we have listed, give evidence that this value is meant to grow over time.


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