Virtual agents for banking – Virtual assistants represent a great resource in finance and banking, as well as in every other business market.

Today the majority of people use applications for mobile banking, that cannot provide instant response or gather customers’ feedback.

Virtual assistants provide a real-time response, collect customers’ feedback and track customers’ journey providing organizations with insights about clients’ interests, preferences and behaviours.

In this way, banks can engage customers in one-to-one conversations and support them in banking ordinary activities with the help of machine learning-based chatbots.

Conversational AI agents are available around the clock and provide financial organizations with insights to be used to improve banking services and promote new products, providing customers’ with a personalized approach and increasing the conversion rate.

virtual agents for banking: a customized banking experience

Virtual agents offer a personalized and augmented banking experience starting from avoiding the queue to enter banks offices, for example, as the bot is always available and accessible from every digital channel.

Clients can use virtual assistants to make transactions and payments or even request loans, interacting directly with the bot.

Virtual agents for banking support customers in forms filling procedures, guiding them through the process and proactively suggesting the information required, pursuing onboarding and leads acquisition objectives.

augmented Customer experience

In banking, as well as in other fields, the business grows in parallel with the quality of customer relationship management.

A client that is experiencing issues with a specific transaction or urgently needs to block a cloned credit cart, requires immediate response. Virtual assistants can handle emergencies by providing accurate and immediate answers and solving problems instantly.


Erica by Bank of America

Erica is Bank of America’s virtual assistant and it is able to send notifications, provides account balance information, money saving’s suggestions, credit reports, supports payments and small transactions.

American Express

With the bot AMEX customers can directly access their account’s data through Facebook Messenger app. The virtual assistant sends real-time notifications during users’ purchasing process and reminds customers the benefits and privileges associated with their credit cards. Customers can even link their credit card to their Facebook account and activate in-app purchases.

Commonwealth Bank Australia

Commonwealth Bank has implemented a virtual agent named Ceba to assist customers in credit card activation processes, monitor their banking account, payments and cardless cash. In one year, 500.000 customers asked for 500 different banking activities, with a remarkable success.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase launched COIN: a bot aimed to streamline back-office operations processes and analyze legal contracts quickly and instantly, thus cutting off 360.000 employees working hours amount, before dedicated to redundant and simple tasks.

Capital One

Capital One launched Eno, a virtual assistant that supports customers in their banking account management using text messages, anwering questions about their account balance, recent transactions, payments and credit limit, and supporting customers in bills’ payments.

To summarize, integrating a conversational AI agent for banking means:

  • Cost-Effective investments: with a single investment, virtual assistants allow to save up personnel costs for redundant tasks and contribute to better allocate resources in quality activities; in parallel, companies save up IT development costs, thanks to “no-code AI” platforms like, where coding components are already integrated.
  • Insights and Analytics: virtual agents track and analyze customers’ data, like: expenses, budget, expense limits etc. and provide suggestions for banking account’s management.
  • 24/7 Support Center: conversational AI agents support customers  24 /7 , increasing user experience and customer fidelization, thanks to a user-friendly interaction.

User experience, customization and instant service are three fundamental objectives for financial services that aim to fidelize and satisfy their customers and Interactive AI solutions’ adoption means to pursuing these objectives.


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