Chatbots for HR Management – Using a chatbot in human resources management may be sound non-sense as HR are “human” by definition. 

Likewise, you may be surprised that a chatbot may actually make relationship with HR department “more human”.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, chatbots can take charge of recurring processes, by automating repetitive tasks.

Chatbot introduction in HR processes allows HR management to save time and energy to dedicate to strategic activities and quality aspect of people management.

Let’s take a look at chatbots’ areas of application in HR.

Chatbots for HR management
Chatbots for HR management

chatbots for hr management: areas of application

1. Q&A

HR manager have a huge volume of e-mails and calls to handle that often refer to the same recurring questions.

A chatbot for Q&A management allows HR to save time while employees can quickly access the information they need, without browsing among different platforms, e-mails or documents. This benefits employees in terms of employment satisfaction, but also increases corporate productivity. Moreover, from a relationship point of view people are not shy to ask questions to a bot that cannot roll its eyes when hearing the same recurring question again.

2. Chatbots in recruitment

The recruitment process involves repetitive operations such as answering questions about job openings and selection process, scheduling interviews, resumes screening etc.

A chatbot can easily handle the first stages of a recruiting process, by collecting and analyzing candidates answers and bringing most relevant to recruiters attention.

When there is a huge number of applications, a chatbot can be trained for the cv screening and ranking on the basis of metrics such as qualification or experience level.

Candidates, on the other hand, can answer interviews directly from home through the chatbot interface and can benefit of the confort-zone generated by the lack of judgement of a machine based interaction, as the chatbot guarantees a standard interview approach, without any discrimination or judgement.
Also, the chatbot will remain available to provide information at the end and after the interview.

Integrating a chatbot in the recruitment process allows to cut off recruitment costs and also provides visibility in terms of employer branding.

3. Onboarding process

The onboarding process is simplified thanks to chatbots as they can take charge of new hires training and answer to recurring requests.

4. Employees training

During training sessions, chatbots can engage people to interact and to participate actively, instead of passively watching slides and videos on a screen. Also chatbots can be employed to collect feedback and conduct surveys.

5. Annual Reviews/Assessments

Annual assessments and performance reviews are part of talent management process.  In this case, chatbots provide management with insights about people’s performance and collect feedback, thanks to the direct relationship with employees.

6. Internal Communication and Sentiment Analysis

Lack of internal communication may generate employees frustration and churn. Thanks to chatbots, people can communicate problems or critical situation with no worries about judgement and receive impartial answers. Chatbots may also be used to conduct sentiment analysis, to collect feedback or new ideas and proposals.

7. Employees scheduling

People can requests vacation days through the chatbot directly integrated to HR systems. This avoids manual tracking of tasks.

8. Payroll

Chatbots can be used to track presence, sick leaves or paid leaves through simple text or vocal messages. These data can be also used for salary calculation and payroll check minimizing the manual error risk.

chatbots improve relationship

Chatbots for HR management – HR processes automation increases HR team productivity and sets up a new way to handle employees relationship, using data and analytics to simplify processes and saving HR managers time to focus on quality aspects of relationship and strategic areas such as people development plans. On the other hand, chatbots provide an impartial communication interface that favours communication between people and management.


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