Professional chatbots versus amateur bots – Creating bots and seeing them work is magical.

The nondeterministic component of an NLP model plays an important role in always adding some trepidation before a training session. 

One of the elements that distinguishes professional bots from amateur ones is the ability to interact with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM and CMS.

Dottor BOT & Mister API

While the possibility of exposing your ERP or CRM to an API layer to communicate with other systems is now widespread, the habit of not doing it is equally so. 

There are those who avoid it for safety reasons but the truth is often that companies do not have very clear ideas on how to proceed.

The fact that many “legacy systems” undergo deep customizations certainly does not help. 

It being understood that a professional bot should guarantee the highest standards security and pass with full marks an enterprise-level security checklist, not allowing a bot to access the information contained in its legacy systems via API, drastically limits the ability to automate a company’s key processes. 

Professional chatbots and competitive advantage

Without waiting for a distant future, already today, companies that have the ability to look at their information systems as services to be made accessible through APIs are gaining an irreplaceable competitive advantage over those that do not.