Better Start-ups using AI

While most think that you can start a company just from good people with a good idea, this, in many cases is not enough and is not the first thing you need.

In order to get a good idea you need a problem to solve.

And not just a simple problem that hurts few people but a problem that bugs many people and bugs them so much that they are ready to pay real money to get is solved.

Once you have spotted the problem then you need to find a smart solution, possibly one that disrupts the conventional way of solving similar problems.

Finally you need a lot of execution. A lot!

As in movies, where world famous actresses and actors need to repeat a scene to deliver what the director is expecting them to deliver, even in business you have no guarantee that your first take will be the right one.

You have to be ready to reiterate and pivot till you get it right.

And even then you can’t stop. Iterations and pivoting are not a tool to get to an end but a way to make your journey.

You need to constantly evaluate possible scenarios and, based on the available resources, make tough decisions.

This ability to deal with almost infinite possibilities assigning scores to the most viable ones strongly resemble something AI algorithms have been dealing with in the last 50 years.

Maybe AI will soon help us not just pick the start-ups we should invest money into but also launch and run better sturt-ups.