Leverage AI to improve a Company performance is easier to say than do

How to leverage AI to improve a company performance?

One of the reasons we see people struggling in getting an AI project get from idea to production is a natural bias, many of us share, toward looking at problems with a deterministic attitude.

In nature lines are hard to find, everything we see around us does not run as a line. Things tend to prefer curves.

Nevertheless we have a “natural” tendency to describe all that happens around us as a line.

We could say that, aiming to simplify the problems we try to resolve, we tend to abuse linear regression to describe the overwhelming quantity of data we collect to take fact based decisions.

Despite its recognized value as a tool for understanding our business model and the markets we want to play in, statistics is hard, truly hard to grasp.

Many key concepts are quite counterintuitive.

Where we tend to see lines, statistics tells us to look for a curve.

Only the complex programming code doesn't leverage AI to improve a company performance

Help your customer service to Leverage AI to improve a company performance

Let’s say you want to help your customer service team to handle customers’ requests in a more efficient and effective way and you think a chatbot could be a good solution to your problem. You know the bot will work 24×7 365 days a year.

You know the time your customers will have to wait for a reply is going to be a fraction of what it takes today with a chat service managed only by human agents, especially if the volume of enquiries your company receive every day or every minute is growing fast.

You also know that if something changes in the replies you have to provide to your enquiring customers, updating the knowledge base of the bot will grant you a significative saving in terms of agents training costs, time to market and wrong communications with your customer base.

Let say you are a true chatbot believer.

Well, that’s not enough to grant your chatbot project will be a success.

The bot will work 24x7 365 days


It cuts the realization time

You will soon find out that the process of:

1. identification of all the intents that are hidden in your customers’ enquiries and that your bot must recognize

2. design of the conversational flows your bot must be able to follow or even better to drive towards the achievement of a goal

3. collection of all the entities your bot must recognize and remember during a conversation to have a clear understanding of the context that is influencing the meaning of many phrases

Is not so easy.

If you think you are building a deterministic system you are on the wrong path and statistics will bite you back 🙂

And now think that the AI component of your project is probably less than 10% of the code. Your IT department or your IT supplier will have to write to integrate your chatbot prototype into your production environment. So, yes, looking at it from this angle, the chances to succeed with your project are not so high.

But… what if you had a platform that:

1. helps you create and update your bot, hiding all the AI complexities

2. trains your bot with one click

3. lets you test your bot interactively before pushing it to production

4. offers you a one-click to production deployment

5. collects valuable insights that help you to maintain and to improve your bot performances

Well, if such a platform would exist, that it should help your idea become an in-production solution in weeks instead of in months, keep your effort focused on your core business and truly help you improve your Company performance.


This is why we have built crafter.ai and why we are committed to continuously improve it every single day.

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