Customer service virtual assistants – 57 billion conversations happen every year in contact centers around the world, while 1.2 trillion USD is spent on voice calls in contact centers globally.
On the other hand, as showed in Markets&Markets Research, consumers spend 80% of their time on messaging applications on their devices. (Markets&Markets).

customer service virtual assistants to manage conversations

Conversational AI solutions such as customer service virtual assistants can help reduce costs.

According to Gartner, for example, 40% of interactions that currently require telephone contact with a call center operator, could be resolved through self-service channels.
This would significantly reduce costs per contact.

customer service virtual assistants reduce cost per contact

Customer service virtual assistants – self service resolution

Customer service virtual assistants – Gartner data finds that 56% of organizations respond to the pressure generated by customer needs by increasing the number of contact channels available.
However, out of a sample of 8,000 user experiences, 70% of customers end up using self-service channels to solve problems.
On the other hand, the percentage of those who need direct contact with the call center operator is reduced to 9%.

customer service virtual assistants allow for a self service resolution

Conversational AI is the scalable solution that allows to leverage automation, while interacting with customers in natural language.

The automation of redundant activities is made possible by Conversational AI, that allows for new ways of user interaction and customer engagement and brings benefits to organizations, in terms of increased productivity and reduced costs.

conversational ai simplifies complexity

Customer service virtual assistants take charge of the redundant requests inbound volumes 24/7, eliminating customer waiting times.

Virtual agents are a scalable solution, which allows you to manage multiple requests in parallel and to allocate resources on multiple projects.

Chatbots work to support call center agents, optimize workloads, provide support suggesting answers, help the operator retrieving information.

In summary, conversational AI contributes to service costs reduction while increasing quality.
This improves customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction.

benefits of conversational AI


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