How to find new ideas – Finish your thoughts – How many times has this happened to you? You are thinking about something and an event intervenes to interrupt you. Sometimes it’s a phone call, or the sound of a notification, a pop-up on the screen, a person asking you a question. 

Some interruptions are relatively simple to remedy. Mute the phone, inhibit pop-ups and notifications. It is more difficult to isolate oneself from others, even if Covid seems to be working hard to help us in this too. However, the result is the same. Our thinking has stopped and nothing guarantees us that we will be able to get it back. 

Finishing one’s thoughts is essential, it gives us that sense of calm that is increasingly lacking in our days but which is essential for moving from thought to action, to understand what can be done. 

Some companies organize retreats to help employees take a break from the hectic repetition of time. Even in our private life we ​​look to holidays as a time to slow down and dedicate more space to our thoughts. Unfortunately, a few days a year are not enough to obtain lasting benefits. So what to do?

How to find new ideas? In athics we dedicate 1 hour a day to what we have baptized “brain time”. 

Brain time is a one-hour slot that is repeated every day. We use Discord as a collaboration platform, but it can be done with any audio conferencing tool. Participating is not mandatory and the agenda is quite fluid. 

The goal is to allow everyone to propose a topic on which the whole team is confronted. The questions we ask ourselves are “what do I have to ask to truly understand the nature of the problem my colleague is facing?” and above all “what can I do to help?” It is a way to get out of impasse situations. 

Asking the right questions is the best way to solve a problem, a way to fulfill our thoughts and then be able to translate them into actions. 

Brain time is a big investment in time but helps us ask the questions that really matter.