Creating a new company is never easy. It rarely happens by accident. A new idea is not enough, it also takes great execution.

Choosing what field you want to work in, can make things simpler or complicate them, or simplify some by complicating others.

Artificial Intelligence in the last 15 years has opened many new possibilities to do things that previously could not be done. The evolution of the whole IT world that revolves around AI solutions, especially cloud computing, have contributed a lot. as much if not more than many algorithms. The fact is that today, wanting to create a new software house, it is difficult not to deal with AI.

But is it enough to have strong machine learning skills to ensure the success of your company?

Unfortunately no.

AI ​​highlighted, amplified, a problem that has always been present in the world of IT solutions: the distance between theoretical models and their practical applicability to real market problems.

If we choose to develop an AI product we will certainly have a better chance of doing something new that does not have a high degree of competition on the market but making our solution something really useful and simple to use will be more difficult: cemeteries are full of start-ups that have started with a good idea and have not been able to translate it into something simple and useful for a sufficient number of customers.