Paralysis by analysis – It is quite common, when working on a complex and large project, to get stuck.
In front of us we have a seemingly boundless list of things we could do but we feel like we can’t take a step forward.

We feel stuck. 

It is a phenomenon known as “paralysis by analysis” which, like an enormous force of gravity, seems to crush us to the ground preventing us from any movement. If someone has never experienced it, we can only feel immense envy. 

Fortunately for us it is not a frequent phenomenon, but it happens and it is a problem.

We understood that, as with all problems, we had to create a method to face it and solve it because that of paralysis by analysis is rarely a problem that solves itself and, even if it were, would require patience and time, a luxury quite often we cannot afford.

Our method is relatively simple and requires only a little discipline.

1. We go back to our Roadmap to identify what to do to get started knowing that it may not be the most important or most urgent thing. The important thing is to start moving again.
2. Having chosen the thing to do, we decide how much time is reasonable to dedicate to the realization.
3. We create a fairly clear description of the “what” we want to achieve without going into the “how” detail.
4. We pick the most suitable people to face the problem and create a team (usually 2 maximum 3 people).
5. We give the team all the necessary empowerment to be able to decide with absolute freedom the “how”.

It’s not “rocket science” but it works for us and, on several occasions, it has pulled us out of moments of impasse.