AI is about algorithms and data?

AI and data: if we can say, as in this post, that AI is about consuming and learning from data in a systematic way, let’s take a look at some vibrant questions about AI, explained by data.

A brief history, so far

We found this great infographic by TechJury in this post. It underlines the key moments and facts that shaped the path of AI from its beginnings to nowadays and helps to figure out future scenarios for companies and users all around the world.

infographic about AI and data

What about market segments?

The next infographic highlights the role of AI in the fields of Research and Publishing, how it helped to establish better practices, reduce human error and simplify the life of scientists and researchers.

infographics about AI and data affect work

Just in case you don’t trust

Let’s close with this awesome work that tries to analyze some of the recurring myths and bias about AI, ranging from the widespread fear of job loss to the difference between machine learning and deep learning.

Infographic about the bias that artificial intelligence makes you lose your job

So data explain data?

Well, we hope so! As you can see there’s a whole lot of amazing projects out there and, since every model needs good training, the quality of data is crucial for the future of AI. Maybe these infographics will help to better understand the way our market is growing and the role of Conversational Agents in the future.

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