increase your smart working productivity – Todo or not todo

How to increase your smart working productivity? Productivity tools are a wide field where it is pretty simple to get lost. 

And indeed till a few months ago we were lost. 

While each of us at Athics were sharing a similar set of tools (todo list, e-mail, calendar, version control system, project management, document management, …) we were having a hard time understanding where the info truly was.

Whenever we had a meeting (now rebranded “virtual meeting”) the true problem was to have access to the needed information as it was scattered between many people’s email accounts, hidden in conversation threads and attachments. 

Some documents were available only on one colleague’s hard drive while others were on a cloud drive but with no sharing permissions granted to some of us. 

Long story short, a mess.

To fix this issue we have embraced Basecamp, not simply as a project management tool but as the single source of truth.

A single place to share all that we need to share internally but also with our clients.

Basecamp is a powerful yet simple tool and as it has solved a key problem for us we are pretty sure it could help you too.

Give it a try. (*)

(*) athics is not affiliated with basecamp