Post-sales service chatbot

Success story

The virtual assistant Gea, integrated into Sorgenia‘s post-sales service, responds to the need to provide a self-customer care channel that is always accessible and fast.

The solution responds to the goal of leveraging customer interactions to increase customer satisfaction, as well as, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

sorgenia chatbot post vendita use case


sorgenia chatbot post sales scenario

Gea represents the natural evolution of the success of the virtual agent that is already successfully employed in the pre-sales service of the Company.

The virtual assistant provides a fast service to customers that are seeking assistance and allows to execute operational tasks autonomously in self-care.

sorgenia chatbot post sales scenario

Gea has allowed us to reduce live chat operations and to allocate the work of our resources to higher value activities. In this way, we are able to continuously refine the performance of the chatbot, but above all to listen and respond to our customers’ requests in the best possible way.

Stefano Crivellaro

Process Owner Customer Management, Sorgenia

The solution

self care sorgenia-chatbot-post-vendita

Customers who interact with Gea have an assistance channel available 24/7 through which they can independently carry out activities such as, activating direct debit, sending self-reading and managing information on the activation status of the points of energy supply.

As in pre-sales, the post-sales virtual assistant may transfer the conversation to the operator in case of need and is able to retrieve the contact information of customers who wish to be called back.

self care sorgenia-chatbot-post-vendita

sorgenia post sales use case


Post-sales chatbot results

Post-sales virtual assistant

Processing times reduction

Gea has made it possible to reduce the processing times for the operators and to be able to allocate the work of the resources to higher value activities

Costs optimization

Gea has contributed to optimizing processes and reducing operating costs, thanks to the management of self-care practices.

The best user experience

Conversation trend analysis allows you to anticipate customer needs and continuously improve the “user experience” of the chatbot.




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