create the best conversational experience with your customer in order to achieve your goal

When you create a chatbot with our platform, we provide you with tools that help you reach your business goal in the fastest possible way.

Read on to discover the features of our chatroom with which your customers will interact.



chatbot nlp and nlu

understanding of sentences through machine learning

Your chatbot will be able to independently learn the various ways of asking a question.

Thanks to natural language understanding  and natural language processing technologies, our bots deliver the best perfomance in handling conversations with your customers.

Thanks to analytics and our Blend-Mode handover module your customers will always have an answer to their questions.

enable conversation flow aimed at lead acquisition

Our platform’s artificial intelligence algorithms can be used to channel the conversation between your bot and your customers in order to achieve a specific business goal.

Enable the lead capture module to see this mechanism at work on your chatbot.

chatbot lead capture conversation
change the graphic design of your chatbot

Change the graphics of your chatbot

Customize your chatbot’s graphics in compliance with your corporate guidelines.

We let you test your bot prior to deploying into production.

You can change avatar, colors, font family, size of the various fonts, set a delay in the bot’s response (to make it look like a real person typing), customize the launcher icon, etc …

Don’t lose the opportunity to get in touch with your customers

During the conversation, your customers may feel the need to connect with your business.

Don’t let the up of the moment fade away.

Allow your customers to send email messages directly from your chatbot.

chatbot sand mail
voice chatbot speaker chatbot english

use voice messages to talk to the chatbot

Especially among young people there is the custom of exchanging voice messages.

We have recreated the same functionality to help you communicate with your customers.

This is also useful to interact with visual impaired people.

chatbot with chit chat

integrate your chatbot with a little more humanity 

All our chatbots are integrated with a chit-chat module  able to answer all those questions that go off topic.

In this way your customers will always have the feeling of talking to an advanced AI.

request a demo 

We will contact you just to schedule your demo day.



You can integrate your ERP, CMS, CRM systems and much more.

Our bots can use the API of your systems (Sap, Microsoft Dinamycs,, etc…) to obtain the information useful to manage the conversation with your customers in the best way.

custom bot

Our platform contains a number of brains (brains or features) to automate your business processes.

Contact us if you need a custom brain for your specific business domain.


CRAFTER.AI™ Conversational AI agents can speak any language.

Contact us if you need your virtual agent to interact in a specific language.