virtual assistants for IT service desk

vantaggi conversational ai struttura it

Conversational AI is a powerful tool to support IT processes.
Virtual assistants for IT service desk reduce development costs and increase productivity, taking charge of the IT redundant workloads.

vantaggi conversational ai struttura it
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Automation of IT service desk repetitive tasks

The IT Service Desk is dedicated to the management of redundant tasks, such as:

1. password reset
2. e-mail configuration and troubleshooting activities
3. configuration and management of printers and other devices
4. access management of the Wi-Fi network and possible troubleshooting
5. ITSM integration and management activities
6. account unlock
7. management of digital conferences
8. VPN troubleshooting
9. reporting of lost devices
10. requests for new equipment
and much more…

With virtual assistants for IT you can automatically manage the volumes of requests to your Service Desk and free up time for added value activities.

troubleshooting automation with virtual agents

assistente virtuale per il call center

Virtual assistants for IT service desk created with CRAFTER.AI™ support the IT team by taking charge of repetitive requests volume autonomously, thanks to their high understanding and learning capacity.

Conversational AI agents can be easily integrated with any troubleshooting system (for example, ServiceNow and Remedy, identity management systems such as Active Directory and LDAP and IT platforms such as Cisco, VMware, AWS, Microsoft and others) and take care of the first level support and scale to operators only critical issues.

assistente virtuale per il call center

Optimize IT services and increase
business productivity

CRAFTER.AI ™ support the IT team to manage routine activities through a natural language conversation interface: for example, virtual assistants work along with the  IT team in sorting and assigning support requests, and escalate in case of need.

Conversational AI is a functional technology to improve the management of IT processes and optimize people’s work. Thanks to the use of conversational AI agents, organizational productivity and ROI on individual processes are increased.

fast deployment and
easy integration

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The CRAFTER.AI ™ platform was developed to support corporate innovation and digital transformation processes at competitive costs, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Our platform uses the RASA framework for the creation of customized and automated interactions in every business area (not only to support IT processes, but all horizontal functions (HR, Operations, Sales, Marketing Finance) and all vertical markets (Energy, Finance, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare etc.)

Logo rasa highly performing open source framework dedicated to artificial intelligence
fast time to market conversational ai saas platform

Return on investments

fast time to market conversational ai saas platform

With CRAFTER.AI ™ you can reuse the models previously created with LUIS, Lex,, Dialogflow etc. thus optimizing your investments and efforts.

CRAFTER.AI ™ SaaS – Software as a Service model combined with RASA advanced framework, allow for a quick deployment of your virtual agent and easy integration into other systems and channels through API.

no code TECNOLOGY FOR business

Codeless technology growth accelerates innovation and combines the needs of the development team with those of the business

virtual assistants in marketing

Conversational marketing leverage the engaging ability of virtual assistants to initiate a dialogue with customers and prospects, aimed at lead generation, upselling, cross-selling, loyalty and sales objectives.

hr virtual assistants to empower your company

Conversational AI to support employer branding strategy and data exchange for the mutual benefit of HR managers and employees.

warehouse automation: ai for supply chain

Supply chain virtual agents support human work, provide end-to-end access to data and empower internal workforce.

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You can integrate your ERP, CMS, CRM systems and much more.

Our bots can use the API of your systems (Sap, Microsoft Dinamycs,, etc…) to obtain the information useful to manage the conversation with your customers in the best way.

custom bot

Our platform contains a number of brains (brains or features) to automate your business processes.

Contact us if you need a custom brain for your specific business domain.


CRAFTER.AI™ Conversational AI agents can speak any language.

Contact us if you need your virtual agent to interact in a specific language.